Mr. Wrong: Where NOT to Look for Love

“I don’t know how to play the singles game again. Do you know any good guys? All the ones I meet are douches.” I hear this a lot from my single female friends. Of course, there are the obvious things that keep women looking elsewhere…unibrows, assault-by-cologne, open-mouth chewing, and death-breath. But these things can be corrected, … More Mr. Wrong: Where NOT to Look for Love

Strange Childhood Games and How to Play Them

I’m starting to lose count. Is this our 3rd or 4th week of captivity thanks to COVID-19? Work from home. Teach from home. Entertain yourselves from home. What is this? Little House on the Prairie? Whatever span of time it’s been, my well of family-time creativity is about to run dry. People just aren’t wired for … More Strange Childhood Games and How to Play Them

Communication Fails and Five Ways to Get Better

If you’re reading this and someone’s sitting across from you, stop. I don’t want your attention that badly. See, thanks to the magic of technology, many of us have gotten pretty shitty at communicating face to face. I’ll admit, I’m as guilty as anyone for a few of the offenses mentioned below. But if we … More Communication Fails and Five Ways to Get Better

Trophy Rage

Football season is almost here, and with it comes crisp autumn weather, tailgating feasts, and a brand new pastime in America: Guys beating their chests against youth sport participation trophies. Post after post on social media takes a verbal piss on anything besides first place. How it teaches kids to expect something for nothing. How … More Trophy Rage

Training Wheels

Ladies, I need you to do something for me. No, not that. I need you to reevaluate your man’s readiness to go food shopping alone. The training wheels may have come off too early. It’s Friday. 5-ish at the grocery store. The only times it’s busier in Alabama is on football Saturday or if there’s … More Training Wheels


Atlanta. On my third bite of a Chick-Fil-A biscuit, the Bob Marley look-alike next to me struck up a conversation about politics. It went nothing like I thought it would. “Man I don’t know what to do, come November,” he said. “Hillary’s crooked as hell. Trump’s a con man. Shiiiiit, might not even vote!” “Yeah, it … More Write-in

Head First

I’ve complained about Twitter’s 140-character limit for long enough. It’s time to dive in and type ’till I get carpal tunnel syndrome. I’m not what you’d call an early adopter, and the pool of Me-Me-Me blogs is pretty crowded at this point. I’ll do my best to keep this from becoming a “same shit, different site”.  I’m a father, sales professional, writer, and overall creative … More Head First