Top Five Games People DON’T Play

If you pay attention to social media, people looove a challenge. Ice bucket. Fitness. Love your spouse/ significant other challenge. These of course got me thinking, and that’s a dangerous thing.

What could turn your Facebook feed into an episode of Divorce Court? What makes you more nervous than forgetting to put out a campfire in your living room?

Many of you would be fine; others, maybe not. That said, I’m begging you not to take ACTUALLY participate in any of these events. I will not help pay your legal fees. So, just for kicks, welcome to the Relationship Olympics!

Be Mephones

What if couples picked a random weekend to have a cookout, empty a few beer bottles, and then swap phones?!? Just ’till Monday. Did you hear a loud noise? I did. It was the sound of millions of assholes puckering in fear at the same time. Could your sugar bush soul mate make it all weekend? A day? An hour?


Thanks, Just Browsing

A few pages from Home Depot here, a click on a funny video there, nothing to see folks! Move along meow. Ahem…Incognito and private browsing modes have saved more relationships than Dr. Phil. But what would happen if you took the gloves off? Or more importantly, if someone took the gloves off for you?

trash binDeleted Items Grab Bag

Maybe you have nothing to worry about. You don’t look at the wrong stuff. You don’t message the wrong stuff. But if it comes your way, what do you do with it? How about an event where your snookums gets to grab a few hundred random deleted emails? Is it better to give than to receive? This event will be the judge.

FB feedSkeleton Roulette

Who likes the game Truth or Dare? Fact or Crap? An interesting twist on this would be to spin the roulette wheel and post a deep, dark secret on your favorite social media page for 60 seconds and then delete it. Would your “you complete me” bliss survive, or be over faster than an engagement on The Bachelor.

man-couple-people-woman-largeName that Fight

Nothing tests love like dragging out old baggage! Next time you go out on a romantic dinner, right when the waiter gets to the table, bring up the time you caught him texting his old girlfriend. Or maybe when she regifted the birthday present you got her. Can your bond survive till dessert?

Well, that about wraps up our coverage of these relationship wrecking balls. Any events you’d like to see? Chime in! Just remember – it’s all fun and games until somebody’s stuff get tossed into the yard.

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