Cabin with empty chairs in the airplane

Try to recall the last time you enjoyed flying. If you’re like most travelers, it may take a while. Though marathon security lines, airline delays, and turbulence “flightmares” can ruin even the happiest of vacations, the real culprits are camouflaged in plain clothes.

Over one hundred thousand names appear on the TSA No-Fly List, and Boarding All Rows will convince you that number is grossly inadequate. Why? It’s because airports, our magical gateways to the world, are full of jackasses.

While American society has been creeping towards tolerance of others, our interactions as individuals are commonly rude, indifferent, and infected by a “me first, then you” attitude. People can’t fix what they won’t admit, and Boarding gives them a big push down the road to redemption.

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    Thanks so much for the feedback! I’m glad you liked the concept of my book. Hopefully I’ll get initiated into the club at some point and can notify everyone of a release date. Feel free to follow me on here or Twitter for progress updates. I promise there will be no spam, clickbait, or fake Rolex/ Viagra ads. 🙂


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